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… (cont’d from pg.3) _______________________ . Round Hill, referred to on the census map as both Pre Ronde and Thibodeau Village, was about a half mile upriver from Port Royal, a peaceful scenic drive that kept company with the river from up in the foothills.  From there, on the approach, I recognized immediately the distinctly […]

Goodbye, K-man (pg.3 of 4): campsite finder extraordinaire

… (cont’d from pg.2 of 4) __________________________ The significance of Port Royal to me as the Mecca, the ground zero, for all Acadians and Cajuns and the tie that this place represents, binding me to my grandmother, is hard to describe. Port Royal, populated by the first shiploads of French settlers in 1636, lay at […]

Goodbye, K-man (pg.1 of 4): Road trip to Nova Scotia

  I got sad news this week.  I have to say goodbye to an old friend.  If ever a person were in love with an inanimate object, I have loved my van, the Kerouac-mobile, which the most recent visit from the AAA mechanic revealed is now past being worth fixing.  It’s just as well since […]