Broken Violin at Sea

Creating a wall sculpture assemblage from my grandfather’s broken violin, his chess pieces and Mardi Gras krewe favors & his 1890s Art Nouveau brush

Irv’s Archaeological “P”: Sculpture from an Old House Excavation

When my husband and I decided in 2008 to raise our house to a two-story, there was no little voice in my head telling me to ‘go and bring forth a sculpture from an old house excavation’.  Really, there wasn’t. Our house was built in 1892, in an area along the Mississippi River bank first […]

Tisolay in Turquoise and Black, a Still-life

Bookshelf assemblage – My grandmother was a little Cajun girl fresh out of high school, studying in the big city at the New Orleans Conservatory of Music, when she met and befriended a young woman artist named Nell Pomeroy O’Brien.  Nell was the artist who painted the many small portraits I have of Tisolay that […]

“Tisolay’s Favorite Things” – my last drawing for my grandmother

In 1998, I began the last drawing I would ever do for Tisolay.  I knew it at the time, too.  My sweet girl was finally, at the age of 93, starting to show her age.  Ever since Granddaddy died 12 years before, I had made it a point to involve her in all sorts of […]

Papa Sitges’ Meerschaum Pipe

  Single piece showcase/Research in progress – I have always thought of this as my great-grandfather Sitges’ pipe, Granddaddy’s father, and have pictured him smoking it on special occasions or holidays, when it was new and its creamy clay bowl not yet aged to have the patina that it now does. But in the summer […]

My Dad’s Ghein bell: from 1580s Belgium to 1940s Haiti

My dad found it in a cave when he was a kid looking for voodoo stuff in Port-au-Prince, Haiti . . . one of only two things he begged me to break into his condo and take home with me before the looters got to them; the rest he didn’t give a shit about . . .

Mama Sitges

I inherited some very special things that belonged to my great-grandmother which are  gonna take some doing to go through and document.   Alot of history and a few family mysteries are involved, and I think some research on might be in order.  But I’ll just start with photo studies and trust that the pieces themselves […]

Henrietta, Rosello’s tomb and Aunt Nans

.     Henrietta     .     In with my grandfather’s papers is an old photograph, a formal portrait, of an elderly woman I don’t recognize as any ancestor I’ve been told about.   My interest in the family history did not arise until my grandfather was already gone, and all my grandmother knew […]

The Owl and the Pussycat

. . . When I was small, a friend of my grandmother’s who owned a book shop gave me a book for Christmas,  “The Owl and the Pussycat”, that came with a set of two stuffed animals.  It was in French, as most of the little baby books and records that she and Tisolay gave […]

Mike Bennion

  Mike Bennion, assemblage artist – Mike has graciously given us budding artists permission to peruse and study his art for ideas (SEE BELOW), but should you only trust a professional’s touch on your beloved treasures, he is willing (YAY!) to take commissions working with our own materials.  (Not everyone is, so thanks, Mike.) Visit […]