Henrietta, Rosello’s tomb and Aunt Nans

.     Henrietta     .     In with my grandfather’s papers is an old photograph, a formal portrait, of an elderly woman I don’t recognize as any ancestor I’ve been told about.   My interest in the family history did not arise until my grandfather was already gone, and all my grandmother knew […]

The Owl and the Pussycat

. . . When I was small, a friend of my grandmother’s who owned a book shop gave me a book for Christmas,  “The Owl and the Pussycat”, that came with a set of two stuffed animals.  It was in French, as most of the little baby books and records that she and Tisolay gave […]

Old printed matter

. Don’t tear it apart, copy it.  Not only can you tear up a copy, you can change its size, add patina effects, etc. Book pages, book cover liners, sheet music, maps, letters, photos . . . make good backgrounds and box linings.   . . . . inside book covers. Old books, and in […]

Color Study in Red and Turquoise

. In one corner of my study at home is a red velvet sofa, my reading spot, and in front of it a red Costa Rican snowball cart that serves as a coffee table.  Behind the sofa are two wall hangings, both turquoise with red accents, a Korean obi and a Haitian sequined flag. The obi […]

Thanks, Dad, from the Tuxedo Cats

. Father’s Day was a few months ago, and I had a rather unique gift made for my husband. I have a girlfriend, with serious creative leanings, whose latest interest has to do with creating tiny potted cactus gardens with ceramic miniatures.   Shopping online for fun figurines for her, I found some that put […]

Cicadas on a Train

All Cicadas Aboard The Great Karnak sees … in the future … a whimsical box assemblage of cicadas at a tea party. 1-2-3 … 4-5-6 … 7-8-9 … 10-11-12 … cicadas … at a cicada picnic. (Thank you, Sesame Street) . . . . . As far back as I can remember, I have loved […]

Muna’s Bracelet

. The family folklore was that my grandfather had given it to my grandmother in 1910, which would have made her only 9 at the time. Its style, though, speaks of 1930s Taxco, a village in the mountains of central Mexico that gained both prosperity from the silver mines on which it sat and artistic […]