Alzheimer’s and memory disorders

This is the only facet that has nothing to do with art, a support forum for those in grief over the loss of a loved one who now have the sorrowful duty of going through a loved one’s things and cleaning out their home, perhaps saying goodbye not only to the loved one, but the house they themselves grew up in.   It is also a support forum for those with a family member with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any memory-related disorder, and those brave and special people who have recently received one of these diagnoses themselves.  A caregiver’s intimate knowledge of family photos and mementos can help bring comfort and calm to an agitated, fearful loved one who must watch him/herself disappear, one memory at a time, unless there’s someone there who knows how to give them back.  And labeling your photos and mementos, and writing your favorite stories from your life will not only help you later and help your caregivers to help you, but will create a document of your legacy. I’d love to see an online communication forum develop here.  Remember – The caregiver must be taken care of, too, just as the airlines tell passengers with children that when the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, they’re to put theirs on first, before their children’s!

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